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15 October 2009 @ 09:58 pm
I've not much to share but this:

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13 October 2009 @ 08:02 pm

Name seven of your characters/muses.
(all are OC)
1) Balu (Baluphus-Sarah)
2) Will (Story with Casey)
3) Yasuo (Atanara) 
4) Sabine (Story with Casey)
5) Nameless Soilder (Story in Development)
6) CELIA!! (Treasure Story)
7) The Guardian of the Third Path (Atanara) 

Dear God I don't have titles for anything.

What do you do with them?
Write all of them. Nothing serious. I use them as escapes from day to day life. With Casey and I 's little thing we had going, we would write notes back and forth, in the point of view of various characters. It's about a Queen and King who are seperated and their children and what they do. It's cool, I promise. Atanara's my love. I feel like I'm spelling that wrong though. Treasure Story is my second love which I have big plans for. Story in development has no real plot, just a few characters here and there.

Do you feel close to them?
I will forever love the Guardian of the Third Path. I don't give myself another choice. And Balu always remains special to me.

Do you believe they're real?
It helps with the God's story, with Sarah. It's nice to think about them from time to time, thinking about how this is what they're doing, or oh, this god's making this happen.

Are any of them dating each other?
Sabine and Will...kind of.

Have any of them ever been killed?
Will gets killed off, much to Casey's displeasure.

Have you drawn them?
Oh god yes. Every single one of them. Well, except for the Guardian of the Third Path. I can't draw old Indian men.


About number one:
Balu, the Goddess of Temptation (and I forgot the other half of her title...). A very troubled, damaged bag of goods. God bless her.

What do they do for a living?

What do they dress like?
Sexy. But, it's the allusion of skin. She likes umpire waisted dresses, tight at the top, poofs out just under the chest. Shows of shoulders, mostly. Wears her hair in any way she wants, no particular style. She likes to wear pale colors. Whenever I draw her though, I imagine her wearing a pale yellow dress. Her hair's brown and I think it's a nice color for it.

Who is their best friend?
Chloe. I think that's really the only person that can count as her best friend, and not a potential love interest, no matter how pure or unpure it may be.

How would they respond to abuse?
Well. I'm not sure. She'd deal with I suppose. She's sort of a troubled lady, likes to take on things herself. Or people. And sort of absorb problems till she can't hold it in any longer, then let it...well, sit there and fill up more of her with more problems and self-loathing and sex.

Do they have any nicknames?

Are they seeing anyone? Married?
Oh if you only knew. Yes. Later. With Sarah's character, Sailiphus.
What species are they?

Do they eat meat?
Well. Yes. Why not?

What kind of accent do they have?
However gods talk? I've never really thought about it before.

Are they a virgin?


About number two:
Will (see Sabine, # 4) 

What's their middle name?

How old are they?
20+ maybe? There's not much development in his character.

What's their favorite hobby?

What's their sexuality?
Straight. For Sabine.

Any special powers?
Nope. Not that kind of world.

What religion are they?
Catholic, probably. But, one of those peasant catholics who just does what they're told and follows it like it's a school text book and not something you're actually supposed to put faith into.

Do they get ridiculed?
Hell yes. Sabine makes sure of that. and stuff.

What species are they?

Who are their friends?
I'm sure he's got some friends around the town, but I've only ever written him with Sabine and her family.

Have they ever wanted to kill someone?
They have. Joins the King's Royal Army. Hard to avoid killing people that way.


About number three:
YASUOOOOO, a stuborn, quiet little Atanarian kid who just wants this goddamn Earth chick out of his house.

What color is their hair?

What is their ethnicity?
Islander, almost asian but not. Tan, asian eyes. But, it's not the same.

What is their favorite food?

Do they have a nice singing voice?
He wouldn't sing, even if he did have a nice voice.

Have they ever hurt someone?
Well...yeah, I suppose so. He's a boy, isn't he? Boys are always hurting other people. Friends mostly. But, him and Edwal (that's such a stupid name. I need to change that) pretty much beat up on everyone in the little town, especially Kiora when she comes around. But, you know, it's just normal teasing. Then he and Edwal get into a fist fight. Which is fun to write. I like that scene...

Are they a virgin?

Are they single?
I think of him that way. Of course, one day he'll end up with someone, but I can't think of him as being a character with a lady.


About number four:
I FUCKING LOVE SABINE. There's a common theme with my favorite characters. Women. Independent. Stuborn. And a little bit crazy. Sabine's the daughter of a king, but her mother ran away when she was pregnant and now she lives out in the country, completely oblvious of all that. She follows after her brother when he joins the army, and Will (from above) follows after her.

Are they male or female?

What is their favorite color?
Sabine doesn't fuck with colors.

Who is their worst enemy?
Doesn't really have one. Just sort of the war is her enemy.

What sort of clothes do they wear?
Anything functional. Something that can't move around, travel in.

Where are they from?
A little town, but original a castle

Are they in a relationship?
She and Will are..supposed to happen. That's what Casey wants. But, in my version, they end up together for a month or so and then he dies in battle. And she's sad. I don't know why I want this to happen, but I do. And it does.

What would they do if they were held at gunpoint?
Panic for a few moments, then try and talk them out of it. Maybe fight back. Probably try to be the hero.


Number five:
Namless Soilder

Are they magic in any way?
Nope. He's quite normal. Average. Actually, I got the idea by calling him the Pawn. I wanted to learn about chess and make a story based on the idea of chess. But then i decided I wanted the Pawn to be something more then a pawn in his army's plan to do bad (and stuff) and overcome it. It's developed more from that, but still. He's a loser, of sorts. Indifferent and totally useless.

What religion are they?

Do they have any kids?
No. Got close to getting married but she dumped him when he leaves the army, shaming her in society. It's very 19th century.

Has anyone close to them ever died?
I'm sure. But, I haven't gotten that deep into his past yet.

If they were an animal, what would they be?
Something smart, but totally useless.

What sort of TV programs do they like?
Wouldn't watch TV even if he had it.

What is their fondest memory?
Ah...I really wish I had more of his back story developed.


Number six:
CELLIAAAA! Another bitch character. She's from a rich family, spanish-like heritage, very beautiful. But falls in love with the family's accountant and is sent to be a nun. She runs away from the nunnery and runs into the main characters of the Treasure Story where everyone hates her and brings her along simply because Elroy has the hots for her.

What number would represent them?

Where are they from?
A manor on the shores of the eastern side of their rather large island country. Family isn't really important in ruling the country. That's really the church's job. But her family has a lot of money.

Do they consider themselves pretty?
Oh god yes.

How often do they sleep?

Do they daydream?
When the time is right.

What is their sexuality?
Straight and totally into guys.

Do they have any hobbies?
Knitting, singing, dancing, reading, and talking.


Number seven.
The Guardian of the Third Path

Do they like being outdoors?
Hasn't been outside since he was appointed the Guardian of the Third Path. But, originally, he came from Earth, from India. Then, he found a rip in "reality" and was transported to the other worlds, beyond the Milky Way, and became the first person to start the communications between the worlds (earth and the other worlds). But. Yes. He likes to be outside.

What's their personality like?
Friendly, but brief. Very frank. But very understanding and kind. Like any old man who has seen almost everything and knows how the world works. He can see what people are going through and understands them. He's a sucker for young adults. He knows how hard it is for them and simply wants to help them along. But, if someone steps out of line...well. He's like any old man who just wants things to go according to the plan and wants to live life peacefully. Unfortunately, he has to deal with the most troubled people of the entire universe every day, guarding them through the Third Path. Simplicity and peace are hard to come by.

Do they hate anyone?
Probably. But, I don't know much about his past.

Do they have a crush? Who?

Are they intelligent?
Yes. Very.

This weekend, I had the best ride in the car ever. All of my favorite songs came on one right after another. It was awesome! It ended with Owl City's Firefly. Which I totally love, thank you D*C group. It makes me so happy. Love. Love love.

Today, on the other hand, was the crappiest day ever. I couldn't even let that feeling from yesterday keep me up. It was horrible. I was a little sick over the weekend and it seemed to have carried over to today. I almost threw up Sunday night and felt sort of icky all Monday. Today, though. God. I just could not handle it. I was sleepy and I had flashes of hot and cold one right after another. I felt like crap. I looked like crap. It was awful. I got told that as well, which didn't help. I could hardly stay awake through most of my classes. I would go from being really hot and my face would get all red to being sort of cold and having to deal with the bit of sweat that was still on my forehead. Miserable. And, my Library Science project fell through. I didn't get to film it so I have to start on a new one (which will be easier then the other one, but whatever). Only thing is...I skipped lunch to go to the library to film it. So I didn't even get a little bit of food. Well. That's a lie. See, here's where it gets better.

Ben is such a sweetheart. I'm standing up to get out of class to go to the library. He stops me and holds out a dollar and tells me to get something to eat on the way. I say no because, really, at the heart of it, I have a problem asking for money. I used to be really good at hiding my guilt for mooching. But, I'm having trouble. I say no thanks and he stuffs the dollar in my pocket. Thankful, I eat some chips on the way to the library. I don't eat anything till I come home though, which combined with the sickness isn't great. But, I got sausage and veggies when I got home. It was delicious. I was feeling much better, especially after new episodes of HIMYM and Castle, recorded from last night. I finish eating and watching my shows and come upstairs to start working on my project, reluctantly.

Ben's online. He asks how I am, I'm better. He then says he's called off to go mow the lawn and, at the last second, says "Listen to the CD!" . I had completely forgotten. He gave me a CD this morning and told me to listen to track 9 first. It was bothering me at first, but I got to tired to care much. I finish what I'm doing and, while he's gone, pop in the CD....

It's Owl City. Track 9 is Firefly. I crack up. I can't believe he remembered. Or even notice. Sure, I was sitting in the back of Jennifer's car with him, singing my heart out. I do love that song and I love singing in the car. It's my little stress relief. It makes me happy. I couldn't sing infront of him for a while because, if you didn't know, I have a horrible voice. It's very true. But, I finally got over that little bit and I'm comfortable with in now. I let it out with that song on Sunday. It was hilarious. I guess he really noticed. And downloaded the CD, even though he claimed last week that he had been having trouble with the site, saying it had been taking to long to download stuff. How sweet is that? And, to think, just last week, I was complaining that he was..well...complaining too much, and I was seriously considering taking time off from him...
  He knows he's difficult. But, well, I'm difficult too. And a mooch. And..well, to be frank, I tend to be a mood killer. For real. But, he puts up with it. And he looks past it. And he tries really hard to make me feel better when I don't feel my best. Which isn't often. But, still. You know what. If this doesn't last, so be it. I can honestly admit that there are things that would really hold us back, but goddamn it, I hope we can get past it. Maybe it's hopeless wishing but it's times like these that I couldn't think of hurting him like that. I wouldn't want to, now more then ever. I won't regret anything that happens between us. Maybe he will. But, I know I won't. Whatever happens, I'm simply happy it has.


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11 October 2009 @ 10:05 am
Thursday I had made plans to go to Nicole's house and watch LOTR because we are DORKS.
Friday I had plans to hang out with Kristen, my token Black-girl (who acts NOTHING like a black girl) and make BROOKIES (which we will hopefully make and I will blog about...)
Saturday me, Ben, Jenn, and Brandon made plans to hang out all day, go to a corn maze in North Georgia at night, then camp out in Brandon's back yard.
Sunday Casey promised me she'd make some time to hang out with me.
Monday was left somewhat free.  I think. I can't really remember.

So...here's what has actually happened.

Thursday things got delayed for too long and so I didn't get to go to Nicole's house. In stead, we moved our plans to Friday.
Friday Kristen's mom through her a surprise birthday party so she calls me and apologizes and says she can't make BROOKIES today. In stead we move plans to monday. Then, I went to Nicole's house and had my mom yell at me because I asked where the LOTR DVD's were. I came home stayed up till 1 am and promptly passed out.
Saturday I found out there were no plans to hang out during the day and that I had to make new plans if I didn't want to just sit around all day till 5 when our plans began. Oh. And, Nicky was now joining us. And we weren't camping out. And North Georgia was now an hour and half drive away. Bah. So. I quickly call Katherine and she says I can join her and Renne in going to the mall. Cool. So I get to her house and after waiting on Renne, we find out she can't get a ride over. So Kat-Kat and I have an impromptu photoshoot in which she looks like a pirate and follow it up with watching DRARRY AND SNARRY FAN VIDS. I leave her and walk up the street to hang out with Ben before Jenn comes to pick us up.
          -------> Make-up Macking is awesome. fyi.
    Jenn comes and we begin the biggest let down. ever. We drive ten minutes up the wrong interstate and have to find out way back to the right road. Which causes a lot of law breaking (including stoping in a 'keep moving' lane in order to merge left. Oh jennifer. Stay in this lane means STAY IN THIS LANE. XD ) . Finally, we get back on the right road. It's getting dark. Really late. It's already 9 o'clock and we haven't even gotten there (having left at almost 7:30). We decided as we go wondering through the middle of Bum'fuck'nowhere that it's time to turn back. We stop at a Dairy Queen in Cleveland Georgia, next to a family of the most Red neck people I've ever seen. Jennifer tries to regain eye function and I try to push my car sickness away. I call my mom who had no idea we would be driving up near Helen and she demands I come home straight away. Which I do gladly.
     I fall asleep not even halfway through the ride. But, I still hear flashes of the conversation. Jenn says I fall asleep too easily. Ben seconds that. Then Nicky says something about...I don't really remember. Ben shifts, lifting my head off his shoulder, and I lean forward, near Bradon, who asks if I'm all right. I slump back onto Ben and promptly pass out. I think Ben said I wasn't really awake. I think. Nicky leaves the car and he says bye to me but I don' t really answer, just stretch out into his place and use Ben's lap as a pillow. Next thing I know, Ben's shaking my shoulder, telling me we're at my house. Everyone's talking to me in a voice that says they're laughing. I probably snored. Like how parents talk to kids, sometimes. I get up, almost fall over, and stumble inside. Dad's inside watching TV and I say hello, go upstairs, and fall asleep. I didn't even change.

Sunday has turned into not only me and casey, but me casey alexis and kayla. I love it. XD I'm excited.
AND MONDAY... I have no idea.  I don't know any more. I'll keep you posted. haha

THE END. or not? 

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08 October 2009 @ 06:55 pm
She makes me so happy.

But, this made my day...

The way her whole face changes when she takes on different characters is amazing. She may be over the top, but god I'd let the cup spill over if she was was filling it.
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29 September 2009 @ 06:53 pm
I can already tell. This week is going to be one of those weeks. It's not going to crawl by, but neither will it fly past. It's not going to be Friday everyday, but it's not Monday either. What is it about this week. I think it's because of the weather. It feels so nice outside. All I want to do is go to Collins Hill park again, with a good cup of tea, and write, draw, take pictures, be creative. It's fall and it's really stimulating my creative senses. Today was wonderful. Yesterday wasn't horrible. I have high hopes for tomorrow. Thursday, who knows! But, Friday, oh Friday, I look forward to you.

I think I'm spending too much time with Ben. Well, maybe not that. I think I'm not spending enough time with other people. You know how people who are dating just do that? They don't notice it, but they get obsessed with whoever their dating. That's one thing I set out not to do with Ben. So, my goal is to see other people every day that I don't see him (if I can't, then oh well. As long as I try). And when I do see him, I want to avoid just hanging out with him every time. Like, Jennifer and Brandon have been our buddies lately. We have double dates all the time.

Also. I have a lot of books. Right now, next to me on my night stand, I have thirteen books. Some of them are mine, some are the libraries', some I borrowed from a friend. I haven't read most of them. They're really starting to pile up. It's rather disheartening. But, I am determine to start reading them. Read a bit every night. I have a lot of goals right now. Maybe I should list them!

-Read every night
-Read "Harry Potter" in German out loud when I get home (when no one's home)
-Go outside and walk/bike every day (if weather allows)
-Watch a variety of shows this season
-Update Journal weekly
-Buy a frog! (Big wish, really)

That's all I really remember for now. And for now, till later!
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27 September 2009 @ 10:57 pm
Was weird. Unexpected. Loopy.

Ben is...hmm...Now, don't go spreading this. I just need to get this out of my system. There's nothing wrong right now. I just..well, let me elaborate.

MoreCollapse )
22 September 2009 @ 11:54 am
I want to be a girl gamer. But, I'm afraid of spending the money and time in getting into it. I think it would be fun though! Kat-kat and I were talking about it at AWA. It would be so much fun to create an all girl RPG group and just dish it out. I'd love to start practicing playing video games so I can go to conventions and beat some poor guys butt at a game. How awesome would that be? I wanna kick someone's butt at Halo and not just run around on the game screaming "I don't know how to shoot!!" (true story.) I want to join a Guild. I want to have a user name and be big name gamer and have dorky guys be all "Hey, she can play games. And she's a girl. Sweet."

And, you know what else, I'm done with my other friends. They don't understand you guys. And I don't just mean the three of you, I mean everyone here; gamers, cosplayers, guild members, blogers, youtube members, everyone. They don't understand how much I love this world of people. I's like a little (well, little) underground society of people that understand and accept each other.

Also! Warehouse 13 is the best. The season finale is on tonight. It's about these two government agents that are transferred to the middle of nowhere after their successful recovery of a strange artifact in Washington. Myka and Pete are transferred to America's Attic, Warehouse 13, a housing unit for all of the strange and unexplainable artifacts of the world's history (like Edgar Allen Poe's feathered pen, The Looking Glass, possessed chairs...) Myka is the thinker and Pete is the one who follows his gut. Artie, their guide, mentor, and somewhat vague informant, delivers the mystery and Claudia, the young "Warehouse 13 Next Generation" member, delivers fun, new ideas to an old, old warehouse. Then there's Leena, the Inn Owner. I have no idea about her. Even more so it Mrs. Frederick. It's fun. It's interesting. It's smart. It's light. It's just plain awesome. I can't wait to see the finale. It's picked up for another season and I can't wait to see what happens next. There's a marathon on today, on SciFi (or SyFy as they're renamed it). If you get the chance, try to watch a few episodes. It's very good!

Some other good shows on, for another season, are Castle (with Nathan Fillion!), How I Met Your Mother (fyi, I didn't watch it last night. Don't tell me what happened!), and Eureka. There are some others but I can't really remember all of them. So. Yeah! Fun shows. Check them out...and stuff.

: P

Oh, SGU (Stargate Universe) starts soon! Can't wait for that. That movie Whip It, with Ellen Page, looks like it's going to be good. Like, feel good live your life as a teenager feel good. Zombie Land comes out on the same day. I'm not sure which one I want to see more. Saw a bunch of previews for some romantic comedies at the theaters. Whip It, Valentines Day (check out the cast list online, it's star filled, to say the least), and a few others. I think there's a pretty good line up coming up. How about you?
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20 September 2009 @ 07:09 pm
I redid my journal a bit. New Icons. I like to refresh the page, even if I don't use it that often.

Also. I need more friends. Just so I have a reason to stay on here...

Sorry all three of you. XD
20 September 2009 @ 09:16 am
I just had the weirdest dream of my life, which is really saying something.

It started somewhere but I don't really remember it. The first thing I remember is being in my room, but it didn't look like my room. I was sitting at the window, looking out. There were all these elevated walkways, real real high up. Everything was very pretty, green. A crowd of travelers were walking a road way. I knew they were running away from something. So, I'm watching them, thinking about how some parts of the road are invisible and how that's weird. They come to a part that's invisible. Two women step forward, a blonde woman and red head. They jump on to the invisible part, because they're scared, but fall forward on to the hill my house is on. I reach out of my window and pull them up and they are passed out, with neck injuries. You're not supposed to move people with neck injuries. They instantly die.
I go downstairs and my family (but not my real family-a grandfather, a father, a little sister and a mother) are talking about a trip they are going on soon. They are visiting family somewhere and they want me to come with them. I say no and that I really don't want to go. They are very mad at me. I make chocolate milk for the little sister and the grandfather says she doesn't need sweets so I go to find a smaller cup. I pass by a TV. There's a news report about the two woman. Apparently, they've been found in body bags and delivered to their families. I'm afraid they'll find out it was me but I know it was the mother that wrapped them. I'm distracted by the little sister and return to her.
Later, I'm in my room again, with Casey and Alexis (my dance friends). We're talking when the Grim Reaper comes in. At least, I think that's who it was. I didn't know in the dream. He was a skeleton. He takes off his head and tries to scare us with it. But, I'm not afraid (It is now that I notice the view from my front window, compared to that of the back window, is the front of Jennifer Green's house. Outside of my window is her front yard). I take his head and he collapses. The girls tell me not to do it and I laugh. I put the head on my head and I start convulsing. I laugh and tell Alexis to try it. She has the same reaction. We're talking when someone downstairs calls my attention "Gillian! Ben's outside asking for you! He has a gun!".
I don't hesitate. I can remember running down the stairs, in Jennifer's house, and run outside to the cul-de-sac. Ben's standing behind a truck with a square shaped, detailed gun. I don't notice it then, but it has a hotel logo on it. There are all of his friends running around. Jennifer's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, Ingrid, is there too. I run to him and try to distract him but it doesn't work. He's gone nuts. He's talking about things I don't understand (or remember). I try to grab the gun but people keep getting closer and closer. I yell at them to back off. He keeps saying someone's shot him and he's going to shoot them back. He puts the barrel of the gun down the front of his pants, laughing. I pull it out automatically. People are closer, he freaks out. I yell at them to get away, but they don't. He grabs me and runs.
We're in the lobby of a hotel. He pulls me around a corner. I try to remember he's not himself and I don't want to get him trouble, but I need help. I scream, but no one hears me. He then beats me and rapes me. It's the strangest part of the dream by far. I won't go into detail. I scream and scream and no one hears me. If they do, they ignore it. Finally, a sweet black girl, tall, most likely plays basketball, answers me. She runs to me, says everything will be all right, and catches Ben. She beats him into unconciousness. I pass out.
I blank out on what happens next. What I remember is walking around on the outside of the hotel for an elevator. I want to go up to my room. The hotel most likely gave me a complementary hotel room for my troubles. All of the elevators come and go instantly. I can't get in in time. Finally, a small elevator arrives and waits for me. The top is low, so low that I have to get in on my belly. I lay down and press nothing. The door still open, it shoots backwards, then upwards. The walls fall down and I'm traveling in a bright, blue, flashing lights tunnel. There are bodies everywhere, green lights scanning over them. Things that I've seen in the dream are there to, being held and examined. I instantly know that the hotel is after me somehow. They captured Ben and drugged him. I see the bodies of the two woman I tried to save. The elevator almost stops by the hotel workers and they almost see me, but they miss. I get out and run to my room.
Ben is there. I tell him what I've found. He feels awful, guilty. I don't have time for that. I grab his hand and run. The hotel workers have found us out and are after us. We return to the small elevator and thankfully, get away. We meet another girl, plainly dressed, on the way. She follows us. We reach the end and crawl out. I take Ben's hand and squeeze it. We both know that things, from here on out, are going to be different because of what's happened. But, I'm not mad. I don't mind what he did because I knew it wasn't really him. I tell the girl next to us that it'll be all right and that we'll look after her. We walk up a hill and find the travelers that I saw from my window and join them.
At the very end, I see the sun setting over the Atlanta skyline. That is all.
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